The Windshield Replacement Dallas Professionals

Windshield Replacement Dallas

THE Windshield Replacement Dallas Professionals

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With over 13 years of experience, Faith’s technicians have replaced windshields on virtually every type of vehicle on the market.

Will my windshield look like the original?

We carry a large inventory of windshields in stock, and work closely with local auto glass warehouses for those rare pieces that we don’t have in stock.  In many cases, there is more than one option for windshield replacement.  If your vehicles windshield has a branded logo on it, and you want the new one to be the same, we can certainly replace it with the exact match.  For those customers looking for a replacement that is less expensive, there is also the option of a direct replacement without logo, generally for less money.

Most repairs can be done same day.  There are many vehicles out there that have a few variations of windshields based on what options and accessories your vehicle is equipped with.  By asking a series of questions, and inspecting your current windshield, we are able to ensure that you will have an exact match of your current windshield.. minus the damage on the old one of course!

What if my moulding is damaged?

Many vehicles come with various types of molding around the edges of the windshield.  Some are a basic black molding (various types), and some of specialized finishes for looks, such as a chrome molding.  Whichever it is your vehicle comes with, we can replace it no problem if it is damaged.  Note: Some windshields come with a molding already preinstalled, and some will have to be purchased separately.

Do you guarantee the workmanship on windshield replacements?

We guarantee all labor that we perform here at Faith Auto Glass.  Please consult our warranty page for more details.

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