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Looking for power window repair?

The days of rolling up windows by hand are over!  With power windows though, there are unfortunately more things to go wrong.  There are switches, fuses, motors and regulators.  Trying to troubleshoot these problems by yourself can be both frustrating, and very dangerous if proper care is not taken.  Here at Faith Auto Glass, our trained technicians are able to quickly isolate what the problem is, and provide you with the best solution, at the best possible price.  In some cases, it might be something as simple as the switch.  In other cases, you might need a new motor/and or regulator.  We know this might sound like a big problem, but most power window repair can be done pretty quickly, and usually at a very affordable cost!

Power Window Repair

 The History of Power Windows

The first power window was introduced in 1940 by Packard, in his 1940 Packard 180 Series.  This system was a hydro-electric system.  By the year of 2008 most automobiles come standard with power windows, and many manufacturers had even completely got rid of roll up windows on all models.


Power Window Repair Process

The power window repair process starts with troubleshooting the actual problem with your power window.  The technicians will start by testing the window up and down, (if it will move), and take note of the symptoms.  At this point, they will check the lowest unit possible, or the most likely to be the culprit.  A couple examples can be the switch itself, or even a fuse.  If neither of these are the problem, then the next step is to take apart the door panel in order to troubleshoot the regulator and motor assembly directly.  With a combination of a visual inspection, and running electronic tests on the motor itself, our technicians will be able to quickly diagnose which part is causing the problem.  The power window troubleshooting process usually does not take very long from start to finish.

After the problem has been determined, we will then let you know exactly what needs to be done, and how much it will cost.  We carry a large inventory of motors and regulators in stock, but in some cases may have to special order parts.  This usually does not take any longer than one business day.